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Hi, I am Peter

Peter Fabricius

Senior Data Engineer at Peter Fabricius

I am a passionate freelance Data Engineer with about 20 years of professional experience. In customer projects I conceptualize, organize and build data systems from infrastructure to frontend. Contact me if I can support you in your project !

Team Work
Hard Working



Senior Data Engineer, Solution Architect, CEO :-)
Peter Fabricius - Lösungen für Datenbanken

April 2008 - Present, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid

Peter Fabricius works freelance and independently in customer projects around databases, infrastructure and open source

  • Acquisition, marketing and sales
  • Deployment in customer projects

YARD Software GmbH

January 2000 - Dezember 1999, Köln

Yard Software GmbH was the provider of a self-developed database server software as well as a service provider for database, reporting and data warehouse projects

Junior Developer

April 1999 - Dezember 1999

  • Implementation of JDBC drivers for YARD-SQL
  • Collaborator on a Java based JDBC frontend for databases
  • Support for users of Yard SQL
Data Warehouse Consultant

January 2000 - März 2008

  • Assignment in various DWH projects as DWH Consultant

Current own Softwareprojects

Owner 2022 -

The project is a template for running Apache Hop ELT or ETL routes with Apache Airflow in a Kubernetes cluster

Owner 2011 -

JSS is the Linux and bash based “Job Scheduling System”. Write parameterized SQL or bash templates which is executed by this framework